Newspapers and Other News Sources

Here are some of the newspapers and other online news sources I read every day.This page also includes information about newspapers in many different parts of the world. (I like to ready newspapers in my own country and then get a different perspective on the same stories by reading newspapers published in other countries).

California News Sources
California: The Argonaut
California: Los Angeles Times
California: San Francisco Chronical

Hawaii News Sources
Hawaii / Honolulu: Honolulu Advertiser
Hawaii / Honolulu: Honolulu Star Bulletin
Hawaii / Hawaii (Big) Island: Hawaii Herald Tribune
Hawaii / Hawaii (Big) Island: West Hawaii Today
Hawaii / Kauai: Garden Island News
Hawaii / Maui: Maui News
Hawaii / Molokai Molokai Dispatch

Other US News Sources New York: New York Times
Washington DC: Washington Post
Other: Christian Science Monitor
Other: CNN News Online
Other: USA Today
Other: US Newspapers by State

International News Sources
Australian Newspapers
BBC News Online
British Newspapers by Type and Region
British Newspapers by Circulation
Canadian Newspapers by Circulation
Canadian Newspapers by Region
Indian Newspapers
Irish Newspapers
France: Le Monde
New Zealand Newspapers
Russia: St. Petersburg Times

World Newspaper Lists
World Newspapers by Circulation
World Newspapers by Country
World Newspaper IPL Directory

Newspapers by Type
Alternative Weekly Newspapers
Business Newspapers
Free Daily Newspapers
Free Daily Newspapers

Newspapers by Region
African Newspapers
Asian Newspapers
Caribbean Newspapers
Central American Newspapers
European Newspapers
Middle East Newspapers
North American Newspapers
South American Newspapers
South Pacific Newspapers